Would you like to join  Best Supports Link Limited?

Membership is open to all qualified individuals or entities irrespective of their age, disability and ethnic origin.

Please click here “Jointo register or renew your membership, fill out the form and submit. Our office personnel will contact you shortly.

Membership criteria

In order to join BSL, applicants must meet the entry criteria outlined below;

  • Be a citizen/resident or business/corporation of any country
  • You have never been a criminal for the past five years
  • Undertake to act lawfully and in a manner according to BSL Code of Conduct
  • Willing to share knowledge, skills and ideas
  • Link others to markets or opportunities
  • Willing to support or coach others

BSL Code of conduct

  • Act according to the country laws and regulations
  • Cooperate and help improving social welfare within the community
  • Apply integrity, trust and transparency in all activities
  • Respect members’ privacy
  • Pay a membership fee per annum
  • Observe quality and value for money for the interest of all parties
  • Feel ownership and care for the reputation of BSL
  • Be a role model for other and support them to develop a sustainable business
  • Act socially and environmentally responsiveness
  • Always behave in a non-discriminatory manner

Membership Benefits

  • Traveling opportunities/Adventure
  • Business network opportunities
  • Building friendship and goodwill
  • Voting rights at a general meeting (Only full member)
  • Saving community
  • Discounted registration fees for Conferences
  • Share knowledge, skills and ideas with each other worldwide

For any question or  more information, please Contact Us