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We work with many schools all throughout Arusha, both government run and private. Most schools ask for volunteers who can teach English, Mathematics, or the Sciences. Let us know what you prefer and we will do our best to accommodate your strengths. No teaching experience is necessary, but we do ask that you have at least a high school diploma.

What to expect as a volunteer teacher

Most of our volunteers choose to work half days (8 AM-12:30 PM), however, you can always choose to work a full day. All of our schools differ, but typically a teacher would be creating lesson plans and teaching subjects to classes from 15-40 students. Most Tanzanian students have a basic understanding of English and there is often another teacher available to translate if needed.


Not only do we partner with local schools, but we also send volunteers to hospitals and clinics in Arusha area. Many hospitals can utilize these helpers for blood draws, medication administration, and nursing tasks. This person will need to have an educational background in medical services.

What to expect as a volunteer in the medical field

Most of volunteers choose to work from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM per day, but you can choose to work 2:00 PM to 20:00 PM. All of our hospitals differ; you will be provided all tools that available within the hospital during your volunteering period so that you can work according to your specialty. You will also get help of language translation if you will need.

Environmental Care

If health and teaching are not for you, we also offer environmental volunteer opportunities. The job tasks vary greatly because we partner with many different agencies that provide care to our natural areas. Mainly, you will be protecting our wildlife and helping to sustain our natural resources.

What to expect as a volunteer environmentalist

Most of volunteers work full time but you can choose to work half day. You will get chance to make research on our wildlife and our natural resources if you would like. Guides are often available to help you if you will need to get help.

Human Rights


We offer human rights volunteer opportunity. Organizations working in this field address several different human rights concerns including labour rights, child labour rights,human trafficking, and the rights of children and women. Mainly you will be protecting and promoting human rights, such as rights for children and women, and fight against any action that abuse human rights. We prefer volunteer with a legal or research background, no formal training needed but those with a wide range of skills can benefit more on their services.

What to expect as human rights volunteer

You can work full time or half day (8 AM-12:30 PM) depending on your choose. You will get chance to work as community advocate and educator regarding human rights issues through presentations, seminars e.t.c. You will have an opportunity to help local or international organizations in collection of data and research for reports on human rights. Language translation help is available if you will need help.

Also we have internship chances such as accounting, finance, teaching, research, health e.t.c in different organizations or companies  which you can choose as intern in your internship.

What to expect as intern in your internship

Most of interns work full time but you can choose to work half day. You will gain work experience and required qualifications of your field of study from a reputable organization or company. We partner with different organizations or companies in which you can start your internship at any time, so its flexible we work with your schedule. You will also get help of language translation if you will need.

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